The dynamics of business has changed and organizations are facing unprecedented global competition that they are compelled to work round the clock to service their clients across the globe. This necessitates talented people, both men and women, to work in rotational shifts to meet their professional obligations. But this puts women at risk as they had to traverse back home at midnight or early morning. In most cases they had to walk or drive alone, leaving them vulnerable to attacks, teasing and molestations.

Infinitech supported Tracker is specifically designed to help women reach out to those who can help instantly. The receiver has superior sensitivity and can connect SOS calls instantly. The tracking equipment assures instant tracking allowing the victim’s location identified instantly so that necessary assistance can be provided.

Infinitech supported Adult Tracker is a new-age tracking device that is feature-rich and ensures absolute safety by all means.

The Infinitech Adult Tracker is an elegant device that comes with a phone, GPS and RFID function. It comes with a provision to add a SIM and the device can be used to make SOS calls to two fixed numbers (parents and other close family members) with single touch button and receive calls from pre-approved numbers.

The device is not only handy but can be safely kept inside the vanity bag without getting the attention of unwanted intruders. The tracker device is ideal for young working women as it can help them connect with their kith and kin during an emergency or any untoward incident. The whereabouts of the victim can be accurately and instantly tracked during an unpleasant situation.

Advantages of Infinitech Supported Adult Tracker over Mobile App
The tracker will be in good power condition as a full recharge can run it for 5 days. We all know that certain criminal elements are smart enough to change mobile setting making it impossible to accurately trace the location of the mobile user even for the police department. Whereas, nothing they could change with the tracker device. The device is not only handy but can be safely kept inside the bag without getting the attention of others.

Is it expensive?
No. It is much cheaper than a smart phone

What about the cost of the software?
The software comes absolutely FREE and all you need to do is to buy a SIM card and pay for its usage with your preferred mobile service provider. Rest all comes free of charge.

Salient Features of the Product

GPS+AGPS+LBS Positioning – The device ensures its location can be defined with pinpoint accuracy and almost instantly. This makes it ultra safe particularly in situations where women are at danger. Even in case of abduction or drugging, the victim’s whereabouts can be tracked accurately and necessary assistance can be extended swiftly.

Geo-fence alarm  – The device allows the creation of a geo-fencing limit, allowing the parents or employers to track when the user knowingly or unknowingly moves out of the limit. The geo-fencing limit can be set in circular or rectangular distance from the key location like a work place, hostel, residence etc.,

Vibration and Movement Alert – Acquire instant alert when vehicle is vibrated or moved unexpectedly

Low battery & Shutdown notice – When the device requires charging, it will indicate the need for recharging. This feature helps in keeping the device on required charge. The indication will begin well in advance to allow ample time before it can be put to charge.

SOS Call & Speed-dial – The device can be ideally used to make a SOS call during an emergency. The user can trigger an urgent call just by pressing the SOS button given at the backside of the device. This can help the woman to establish a contact with her parent or others and seek help instantly.

Two-way Communication – With a mike and Speaker, the device can be used for effective two-way communication.

Voice Monitor – The device gets activated as soon as the parent or safe contact makes a call, without needing the woman to press any button. Further, the device helps in receiving all sounds in the vicinity of the user including traffic, air, train or any other sound specific to the environment surrounding the woman in question. This can help in better understanding the situation the victim is in.

SMS, APP, Web Enabled Tracking – The device can be tracked comfortably and report can be taken in real time in various interfaces such as SMS, APP, Web etc. It is easy to link up the device to mobile or app and can get tracking reports at any time instantly. Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be generated, if required.

Intelligent Power Management – The device comes with a power saver option and it automatically goes into efficient power consumption mode when the device remains idle.

Few IT companies in South India have already begun to give this product to their women employees. We welcome employers to contact us for a demo as this can go a long way in ensuring safety of their women employees who display extraordinary commitment by braving adverse travel conditions and odd working hours.