Monitor the fuel remotely and get alert in case of loss, analytics reports etc.

INFINITECH provide capacitive based Fuel Level Sensor. These electronic sensors are mounted on the fuel tank of the vehicle and integrated with GPS Device for Real Time Fuel Monitoring System.

How it Works?

  • These sensors do not interfere with fuel line and does not affect the engine operations.
  • Our Fuel level sensor provide reliable, more accurate and stable fuel level even under extreme conditions.
  • Tracer fuel level sensor can be used to measure real time fuel level in the vehicle fuel tanks and storage tanks.

Key Features:

  • 99% accuracy.
  • Secure fuel and eliminate Fuel Loss by physically preventing access to fuel by unauthorised vehicles or personnel.
  • Allow the accurate forecast of fuel budgets
  • Capture every fuel fill and fuel theft.
  • SMS, Email and App notification for every fuel fill and Loss.
  • Manage an unlimited number of vehicles.
  • Communicate fuel usage information to a number of sites.
  • Eliminate the possibility of cross-product fuelling.

Analytics Reports

  • Fuel consumption vs Distance
  • Fuel consumption vs time (Engine running hours)

Hardware’s & Installation:


  • World renowned Omnicomm fuel sensors and Teltonika GPS devices.
  • Every change in fuel level is monitored and recorded.

Installation and Setup:

  • Our well trained engineers will do the installation and calibration.