We are in a nation which covers 55 lakh kms of roads includes Expressways, National Highways, State Highways and Village Roads. Millions of vehicles are passing every day. Though we have a huge security system for the nation we don’t have the security system for our loved vehicles.  Reports have been shown clearly that nearly 105 vehicles are stolen every day in our national capital. There are different ways that vehicles have been stolen there. The thieves are smart enough and they are bypassing the electronic locks, GPS scanners, and electronic ignition of the mechanism of the vehicles. After all this, a new system has been generated for the security of the cars.

Biometric technology is an automated technology designed for security of vehicles. They use a specific method of using the behavioral and physiological characteristics for verification and recognition of manual access.


Bio-metric vehicle system has many versions and they are listed below,

  1. Voice verification
  2. Fingerprints
  3. Hand Geometry
  4. Retina / Face / Iris Recognition


Biometric system is user-friendly, convenient identification and monitoring method. Biometric system has attracted the users for its world-class features such as Driver Identification, Automatic Engine Starter, and Biometric seats.

As per the Industry, Biometric Vehicle Access system is the best system designed for Anti-theft of vehicles and provides ease for owners to use it as user-friendly. Many renowned brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, BMW, and Volkswagen are closely working on the new technologies to find the innovative ways for providing the best security system to the users.

INFINITECH provides the best Biometric access technology for the cars. The device which built using this technology has a wide variety of control accessing the system features to the user such as anti-theft protection, auto-alarming, and anti-carjacking.

The fingerprint biometric system enables to store the fingerprints of the user in the database. The system will encode the fingerprint and gives the authorization to start the vehicle. In a fingerprint biometric system, one can store up to 9 fingerprints at a time.


There are totally four tests available in Biometric vehicle access system. First one is the finger reader of the door of the driver. The user has to keep the fingerprint on the reader. If the fingerprint matches with the stored fingerprint on the database, the user will get access to open the door. The second one is placed on the steering wheel. The same type of fingerprint reader will be placed on the steering of the vehicle. Again the user has to authorize the fingerprint. Once it is matched, user will get access to move the steering wheel. The third one would be the voice recognition. There is a microphone installed inside the car. The voice recognition software will encode the voice and sends the message to the database. Last one is camera. The camera is placed on the main mirror on the vehicle. The camera will identify the iris of the user. It will check with the database. If it is matched, user will be granted access to start the engine. There is no bypassing facility available. The user has to complete all the four tests to start the engine. If the user clears first two test and fails in the third test. The user is not accessed to start the vehicle. The database acts as a super hero and collects all the fingerprints and voice recorded in the car and sends an alert to the Owner about un authorized activity in the vehicle.



INFINITECH Biometric vehicle access has the accurate results as the technology completely relies on the physiological activity such as Fingerprint, Voice recognition, and Iris scanning. This system is so difficult for unauthorized user to jailbreak the system.


INFINITECH Biometric vehicle access has a very user-friendly system. The installation is so easy and user needs not to be a technical person to operate this. The installation cost is very minimal and not require a great administration passwords.


When using the system using the pins, pattern, and passwords, there are a lot of options such as stolen, forget, mismatched, hijacked options are available. As this system uses all the biological features, it is so much easy and convenient to operate. This system cannot be duplicated or reproduced by a un-authorized person.


As the technology behind this system is completely based on the automated system, the tracking is easy and the reports can be generated automatically from the database where it can send the message to the owner.


This system is not slow as other metric systems. This is a very quicker system in which the access will be granted immediately when the system finds the user is a right one.




The market value of the Biometric Vehicle access is growing at very high speed. It is estimated to reach the USD 854.8 million by the end of 2021. The multifactor authentication using the biological characteristics enables the security system stronger.


The future of the Biometric vehicle access system is growing at high speed. Finger recognition holds the largest share value in the market. It is most commonly used system in the market comparing to Iris recognition. Iris recognition is more common in the Asia Pacific region due to the high advancement of technology and increased production of vehicles.  Europe is predicted to be a growing market for Biometric Vehicle Access system in terms of value by the end of 2020. Major players have started implementing the best security systems in the new coming products.

People always tend to think invest in a security system for the vehicle is a waste of money. As statistics showed that every 45 seconds one car is stolen. The next maybe even yours. Take precautionary steps and get the INFINITECH Biometric vehicle access system and save your vehicle from unauthorized attacks.